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Cashback & discount codes with the Widilo extension


What is an extension?

A browser extension is a small additional program that you can install in your browser and perform many different functions, such as taking screenshots or downloading videos.

And what is the Widilo Extension or Widilo Cashback Reminder?

Now this is where it gets interesting for you. The Widilo Cashback Reminder automatically informs you about valid discount codes and Cashback as soon as you visit the website of one of our many partner retailers.

Download the Widilo Cashback Reminder:

Does the extension also work on mobile?

Unfortunately, browser extensions only work on computers at this time. Although this could change in the future, it is currently not possible to use the Widilo Cashback Reminder via smartphone.

Does the extension work on all websites?

Unfortunately not, because some retailers do not allow us to use the extension on their site. However, that doesn't mean you can't get promo codes or cashback for these sites, all you have to do is visit the Widilo website as usual. Here is a small selection of shops that support the Widilo Cashback Reminder:

And how much do I pay...?

Put your wallet away because, like Widilo, the expansion is completely free and always will be! With Widilo's Cashback you can get back up to 75% of your purchase amount and with Widilos's discount codes you can further reduce your bill. Understood? Then start saving now!