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Top tips to save money

top tips to save money in 2020

Save money and spend less with Widilo

Everyone wants 2021 to be great. We all want to go on holiday, make memories and have fun. Some of us are also looking to save money, or perhaps find it hard to do so. Let Widilo help you save money and spend less this year by reading some of our top tips below!

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First up, the spare change challenge

Perhaps the easiest of them all is the spare change challenge. Whilst the world is going card crazy, some of us will most definitely still have annoying spare change clogging up our pockets that we will always end up spending on something. Resist the urge and put it away! Grab your money box, jar or piggy bank and watch it grow. You're not allowed to take money out until the end of the year, with the only exception being an emergency. Of course you can tailor make it your needs. You can put any value in the jar that you see fit. Whether it's coins, notes, or both. In the end you can save quite a bit of money from your spare change.

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Set your sights on the 365 day money challenge

Don't let this year long challenge scare you, think of the massive amount of savings you can accumulate at the end! Start light by chipping in with 1p for the first day, 2p on the second, and so on and so forth till the very last day where you put in £3.65. It's so simple and easy to do, if you buy a jacket from ASOS when you shop online through Widilo for £29.99 then just round it up to £30 by adding that 1p into your savings account. If you stick with it for the full 365 days, you can save just under £670! Perfect to treat yourself a well deserved break.

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The 52 week money saving challenge

Taking it up a notch for those who really want to save. This popular challenge focuses on you increasing the amount of money you save each week. It may not be exclusive for everyone but it's a great way of saving money fast. The amount corresponds with the week, so you save £1 in week 1, £2 in the week 2, £3 in week 3, and so on. On the 52nd week of the year, you save £52. If you stick to it you will have saved £1,378 by the end of the year. You could use this amount to save towards something like an all inclusive holiday in the Bahamas, a shopping spree at some of your favourite brands or perhaps towards that new laptop you've always wanted.

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The reverse 52 week saving tip

Although the 52-week saving challenge is popular it may not be for everyone. This is because the level of saving increases throughout the year. This means it involves someone attempting to save aside £200 during December - which is tough with all of the festivities, travelling and usual bills on top. So to combat this, the reverse 52 week saving challenge was created. This ensures that you start off saving big in the beginning, £52 in the first week, £51 in the second, to then saving as little as £1 on the very last 52nd week. The amount of money you save decreases every week, so you start off saving big, which makes it easier for you during winter.

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Save £1,040 with the £20 challenge

Super easy to do and achieve, the £20 challenge can save you just over £1040 within a year. No coins needed, all you have to do is pick a day when you want to put £20 into your savings account. We suggest at the beginning of the week on a Monday so you know that it's been transferred and there are no distractions in place to divert that money elsewhere. Then by either the summer or at the end of the year you can really party hard and treat yourself to something you can enjoy knowing that you saved up for it with the £20 challenge.

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Find money saving discounts and deals with Widilo

A no brainer we're sure, but you can save money all year long with us! You can find amazing deals, discounts and vouchers that will save you money throughout the whole year, from hundreds of different retailers including your favourite brands! If you're an avid user of when you're finding the ideal city break then come to Widilo. If you're looking to find that Dell laptop you've been craving for the last few months but don't want to pay over the odds then check out some the latest discounts we have on offer. At Widilo we make it our mission to provide the best deals and discounts available to you so you can spend less time and effort doing so yourself and of course, save more money and spend less every single day.

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Save money and get cashback...with Widilo!

Not only do you save with Widilo but you also get cashback from shopping at your favourite retailers. Cashback at Widilo is generally between 2 and 15%, but can sometimes rise higher. Once you have generated the sum of £15 cashback, you can decide to receive the sum of your wallet directly to your bank account by bank transfer. The percentage of cashback varies according to the retailer and the time of the year, so do not hesitate to visit Widilo regularly to not miss out on any new offers. So on top of these money saving tips and challenges you can also be rewarded for shopping online by joining today and receiving a free £5 cashback bonus on us. Never miss out on savings or cashback ever again!

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Keep up to date with the Widilo blog

If you're an avid shopper and you want to find different ways to save money, find the very best deals and keep up to date with all the latest trends, guides and more then you've come to the right place. We have lots of different articles on gift guides, seasonal deals, lifestyle savings and countless more all on our dedicated blog. Widilo are always here to help you find the best savings wherever and whenever. Save more and spend less this 2021 with Widilo.

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