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The high end colourist salon range Bleach London was established in 2010. Grab a huge range of blonde shampoo and conditioners, toners and treatments at Bleach London to save on your haircare, hairstyle and beauty. Get different hair colours and styles to suit you! Save on hair toners, hair colours and hair treatments with a top Bleach London discount code or Bleach London voucher code from Widilo.

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Whatever the season may be, know that you can get the best hair products from Bleach London. Explore amazing deals on hair shampoos, hair masks and conditioners at Bleach London. Discover a wide range of shampoos that will transform your hair colours at Bleach London. Feel like switching it up for a bit? Head to Bleach London. Want to make your purchase even better? Head to Widilo. Here we can provide you with the latest Bleach London discount codes. Save on your orders by using the best Bleach London promo codes available. All you need to do is download the Widilo app or search for the Widilo website online. Next you need to search for the Bleach London page in the Health and Beauty Category. Now you select the freshest Bleach London promo code and Widilo will redirect you to the Bleach London website. Explore all the best products and add your favourites to the checkout. Proceed to pay and add your Bleach London discount code to the promotional code box. It is as simple as that! You are just a few simple steps away from saving online with Widilo.

Bleach London -the destination for your next lockdown look...

Bleach London is here to help you with their incredibly simple products and amazing expertise. Whatever look you may desire, know that you can achieve it with ease yourself with Bleach London. Just head to the Bleach London home page and find the best selection of looks to inspire you today. There are blonde looks such as the Icy Blonde, Butter Blonde, Rose Shimmer, Pearl Blonde and Neutral Blonde. Alternatively, if you are looking for a bright colour to make you smile this season. Take a look at the incredible styles including Gobby Pink, Violet Skies, Tangerine Dream, Awkward Peach and more. However, if you are particularly adventurous, why not pick up one of the creative packages at Bleach London. Explore styles such as Leopard, Root Clash and Blonde Bits at Bleach London. Save on all your orders when you add a Bleach London discount code available here at Widilo. Don't miss out on all the huge Cashback options to help you save on a wide range of brands here at Widilo.

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With so much time spend at home, we can start to feel slightly more bored. Now what does everyone turn to when we are bored. Yes thats right, reinventing their hair. Especially us blondes, we love to add a splash of colour when we are bored of our everyday golden locks. However, as fun as it can be to transform out our hair, it can be risky. Thats why you must ensure you are using the best possible products to minimise the risk to your beautiful hair. So stick with Bleach London and snap up all the best products to protect and dye your hair this season. Save on your Bleach orders with a Bleach London discount code from Widilo. Stick around to find out the best Black Friday deals for all our shops at Widilo!

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Bleach was established when two friends Alex Brownsell and Sam Teasdale decided to start their own salon together. Bleach co-founder Alex Brownsell developed her knowledge into hair from experimenting in her kitchen at home. Finally, Bleach London was created in 2010, starting as a humble single chair and sink in the corner of Wah Nails, Dalston. Bleach London Super Cool Colours are semi-permanent vegan hair dyes that work on pre-lightened hair and wash out over time. These intermixable colours contain a rich conditioning formula to leave hair super soft. From pastel pink Rose to turquoise Washed Up Mermaid, they’ve got you covered. Bleach now is known for its incredible dedication to high end, professional hair colouring. Bleach is an industry leader for their pioneering techniques and styles. In 2013, after expanding into multiple London locations, Bleach London released their incredible hair range. Bleach designs and produces their own products and now supplies them across the world. From celebrities to hair salons you're always bound to find the perfect hair treatment or hair toner to suit you. Whether you want it sleek or swampy, Bleach London vegan styling products contain extra nourishment for dry and damaged hair. Bleach London Hair Elixir is founder Alex Brownsell’s favourite for tangly split ends and Swamp Spritz is perfect for volume. Bleach is the place to go to find the best products for all types of blondes. Explore Bleach collections including Nude Blonde, Ice White Blonde, Clean Blonde, Silver Blonde, Pearl Blonde and Butter Blonde. At Bleach you can also purchase the ultimate blonde shampoo and conditions. Repair your hair with top quality Bleach London hair masks. Retain your blonde with toner kits from Bleach London. Bleach London's intensive, super repairing vegan treatments will help get your hair back to tip-top condition once it’s been bleached. Bleach London Beer Mask is full of B-vitamins, selenium and magnesium or for ultimate hair rehab try Reincarnation Mask XL. Looking for a new hairstyle? Watch Bleach London tutorials! Just you, yourself and dye? Follow our easy step by step guides to become your own salon. Whether you're bleaching, colouring or just looking after your hair, let their in-house Bleach experts walk you through the process. The expert will guide you from trending styles and colours that will help you do it from the home comfort of your bedroom or bathroom. From white toner, to green juice to super set colours, Bleach London will guide you through the process effortlessly and with expert advice.

bleach london discount codes

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Looking for some high end products for low prices to help revive your hair. Head over to Widilo for the ultimate range of Bleach London promo codes. Snap up amazing shampoo and conditioners for blonde hair for less with a Bleach London discount code. Keep your up blonde with the incredible Bleach London toners and cut the costs with a Bleach London voucher code. Also, their end of the decade outlet shop is open now. Get dangerously good discounts while stocks last! Hair and makeup favourites that may never be restocked again. So shop now or forever hold your peace.

Discover a Bleach London salon near you!

When you buy Bleach London products you instantly get a free stylist tutorial which will help if you're looking to cut costs and do your own hair treatment or hair colour at home. Bleach London are so excited to welcome you back to the salons at the beginning of July! If you had an appointment that was cancelled due to lockdown - they will be contacting you! They're not yet taking bookings from new clients or those who didn’t have an appointment during lockdown but they will announce when this changes in a few weeks. Bleach London will be working at reduced capacity to ensure everyone’s safety so please bear with them. Looking for an expert guide? Whether you're bleaching, colouring or just looking after your hair, let their in-house Bleach experts walk you through the process. Or perhaps you're a pro yourself and fancy a DIY guide to simply just do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Just you, yourself and dye? Follow Bleach London's easy step by step guides to become your own salon/hairdresser.

Bleach London ecofesto

Bleach London don’t want the manufacturing of their products to create unnecessary pollution or inflict any damage to the planet or its inhabitants. Bleach London want to help reduce ocean waste and pollution by cutting down on single-use plastic utensils and packaging. Bleach London want to keep you involved in the evolution of their business. They’d like their process to be as transparent as possible, informing and educating as they continue to endeavour to be a more responsible brand. In January 2019 Bleach London launched a refillable glass bottle for sale in their salons. In March 2019 Bleach London removed the single-use plastic tools from their Bleach Kits, Toners and Dyes and launched a reusable coconut bowl as an alternative. Their entire hair range has been completely vegan since 2017. Bleach London also have a strictly animal cruelty free ethos and are happy to be PETA approved as part of their Beauty Without Bunnies programme.

Skin & strand testing at Bleach London

A skin sensitivity and strand test are a super important first step before any colouring procedure. They help rule out unwanted allergic reactions and also help indicate if your hair is in good enough condition to be bleached or if it is suitable for the colour or toner you wish to use. Bleach London recommend ALWAYS doing these tests before colouring your hair, even if you have used the same products before or if you have used them recently. Allergies can occur at any time and hair colours can look different to the expected results. Remember, if your hair has not been bleached to a very pale yellow then you will need to do this before using any pastel Super Cool Colours or Shampoos and Conditioners. Use one of their Bleach kit bundles to do this first! SKIN SENSITIVITY TEST If you’re colouring your hair you need to do an allergy test 48 hours beforehand. For a Super Cool Colour or shampoo or conditioner, apply a thin layer of product to a small area inside your elbow using a cotton bud or something similar. For No Bleach Bleach or any of their Toner Kits, start by mixing one teaspoon of colourant and two teaspoons of developing lotion (using a non-metallic spoon and bowl), then apply a thin layer of the mix to a small area inside your elbow using a cotton bud or something similar. Leave it for 45 minutes, and avoid contact with clothes while you do. When the time’s up just rinse it off with lukewarm water. If ANY reaction occurs at any point in the next 48 hours do not use the product. It’s worth remembering that sometimes even with an allergy test you may still have a reaction when colouring your hair. This is different for everyone, so if there’s anything you’re unsure about speak to your doctor. HOW TO DO A STRAND TEST It’s important to always do a strand test before bleaching, toning or colouring. The colour your hair will end up depends on its current condition and any other products you’ve been using on it, meaning you won’t always see the same results each time. A strand test is the best way of finding out what the end result will look and feel like without risking a seriously bad hair day. Start by cutting off a small piece of hair, around 1 inch from the root, underneath the crown. Make sure it’s a good example of the overall colour and condition. Secure it somewhere you won’t lose it with sticky tape or cotton. For bleach, mix one non-metallic teaspoon of powder and two of developing lotion in a non-metallic bowl. Apply enough mixture to cover the strand then leave for the recommended time while you get on with your life. For toner, Super Cool Colour or shampoo and conditioner, apply enough of the product to cover the strand then again leave for the recommended time. When the time’s up come back and rinse it thoroughly then let it dry. If the condition feels brittle, gummy or very stretchy then DO NOT bleach or colour your hair. If you are happy with the colour and condition then you’re all good to go ahead using the instructions included with your product.

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When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last Friday of November. This year it falls on the 24th of November 2023. You're bound to find pre Black Friday deals a few days and sometimes even weeks in advance. Meaning you can find absolute bargains before and during the event.

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The validity period of a discount code varies, as they are subject to change. Discount codes can be valid from 4 weeks or even months. Others, on the contrary, can only be used for a few days. On Widilo, dependant on the code, the expiration date is specified in the terms & conditions when you click to use the discount code for your purchase.

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If you’d like to save money on your Bleach London order using a discount code, just follow these simple steps. First, choose from the 5 discount codes available on the Bleach London page. Make sure that your shopping meets the conditions of the discount code available. Once you have selected your desired discount code, copy the code and paste it in the dedicated field on Bleach London. All you have to do is apply the discount code, and the reduction will apply automatically. You can then checkout as normal and wait for your order to be processed.

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