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Codecademy promo codes for July 2022 - 5 voucher codes online


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When you think of coding it's likely you're thinking of binary code on a computer screen, hacking into the mainframe or shutting down a security system. Sure, with code you probably could become a secret super spy, but in reality coding opens you up to a whole load of business possibilities. With code you can design websites, analyse scientific data, engineer life-changing software or improve user experience on popular programs. At Codeacademy, you can learn how to do all of this for FREE. Codeacademy offers a wide range of online courses for beginners up to expert level so you can learn new coding skills whatever your level. Start a new career path, learn new skills to change industries or improve your knowledge in your current coding-related one. Codeacademy courses are self paced, have fantastic expert guidance, career advice & prep as well as a fantastic coding community at your fingertips to help you learn and grow in the coding industry. What's more, a basic Codeacademy package is absolutely FREE meaning you really can learn to code - a prolific job skill to have - for no cost to you at all. For a more advanced membership you'll only need to pay £15.99/ month - Codeacademy is super affordable to all who want to become expert coders! If you're interested in coding but are not sure what kind of career you want or would like to make out of it, then at Codeacademy you can take a free career quiz to get to load down on where coding could take you. Join a community of over 50m students in over 190 different countries & learn together. Get an individual membership or get your business involved with Codeacademy to improve your company prospects and level up your employees! Make sure you apply a Codeacademy discount code to save on monthly membership!

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