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DNAfit believes that by understanding our bodies in more depth you can take your fitness goals to the next level. DNAfit combines their extensive knowledge in genetic science and technology in order to show their customers how they can boost their performance. DNAfit aims to help people live healthier, longer and happier lives by providing them with all the information to achieve their full potential. DNAfit also works towards tackling the effects of preventable diseases way before any symptoms present themselves. Improving your understanding of your DNA can help you build on your health and wellbeing. DNAfit helps you transform into the best person you can be. DNAfit helps you push your fitness goals and delivers a smarter, easier and more effective way of tracking your fitness. DNAfit also offers a wide range of benefits. For example, the platform provides optimal diet and macronutrient response. DNAfit also personalised your nutrient needs to the information from your DNA testing. DNAfit also highlights any food sensitivities and intolerances. DNAfit can help you calculate the optimal exercise response for you and even create injury and recovery profiles. You can also track your sleep routines as DNAfit creates sleep and stress reports. Your DNAfit journey can begin in a few simple steps. Order your DNAfit testing kit today and receive the delivery to your home or office within a few days. Once you have collected your required DNAfit samples, you can send back your DNAfit testing kit to the accredited laboratories. Don't stress you won't have to wait for long, your results are ready within 10-15 business days. When you do receive your results, you can explore the many ways DNAfit recommends you to improve your health and fitness.

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