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Instead of strict dieting, DoFasting offer healthy foods that actually taste amazing. Instead of exhausting fitness routines, they are giving you workouts that you can complete every day. DoFasting believe in sustainable results and tools that help you achieve them without sacrificing your lifestyle. Daily motivation boosts! Intermittent fasting takes time to get used to. The first few days, even weeks may seem a bit more challenging than you thought. However, those are the days that actually determine whether you will reach your goal or not. You will either build a sustainable foundation for further fasting, form new habits, or lose interest. To guarantee your success, DoFasting want to be there for you through the best and the toughest days of fasting with motivational boosts and friendly reminders. Effective training routines! Set up your workout schedule, choose a fitness level, and tone up your body without spending additional money on gyms and equipment. DoFasting exercise suggestions feature professionally visualised training routines – warmups, workouts and stretching guides. Only 10-30 minutes a day will result in improved posture, lean muscle gain, reduced weight, and improved overall body health. Tips & Guidance! Become a real fasting expert! Their new articles section gives you direct access to freshly-published articles, keeps you up-to-date with scientific research, and helps you to practice intermittent fasting the educated way. Progress Tracker & Calendar! Start tracking your weight loss progress from the very first day of fasting! Your DoFasting profile shows your starting, current, and target weight to keep you motivated and help to achieve desired results. Meal recommendations! Access the whole DoFasting meal database at once! Select and save your favourite meals, keep up with your recommended calorie intake and make your fasting diet even more effective. All recipes are chosen by their professional nutritionists and can be adjusted according to your allergies and dietary preferences. Challenge mode! Up for a challenge? Curious to find out how your body could change in 7, 14, or 28 days? The new challenge mode gives you a set daily agenda with fasting hours and lots of useful advice on healthy nutrition, habit formation, and exercise. Join challenges, test your limits, and move on to “Advanced mode” whenever you’re ready! Start your fasting journey today with your personal fasting assistant. Find out what works for you with this 60-sec quiz approved by DoFasting experts and get your personal revolutionary fasting assistant.

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More about fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. In other words, it’s a periodic energy restriction that accelerates weight loss and leads to various health benefits, such as reduced inflammation, regulated blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improved brain health and many others. Most popular type of fasting is 16:8, which means eating during an 8-hour window and restraining from food for the remaining 16 hours everyday. Why should we fast? Take a good look at human history and you will find that fasting is deeply rooted in our biology. Back in the day, access to food was limited, which led to natural periods of fasting and changes in human evolution. The human body, including the brain, became accustomed to regular food scarcity. Fasting is the most time-honored healing tradition in the world. It’s a part of every culture and religion on Earth. People from civilizations like Egypt or Ancient Greece would introduce periods of voluntary fasting into their personal lives. They observed that fasting had many health benefits, which is why they engaged in the practice even when the periods of involuntary starvation had ended. They called it “cleansing,” “purification,” and “detoxification.” If you think about it now, these civilizations were much more advanced than we credit them for. However, in recent years, everything has changed. Today, we have access to unlimited amounts of food and our bodies find it difficult to handle the load. That’s where the need for Intermittent Fasting comes from. It’s only when we are not eating or drinking anything with calories in it that our bodies can begin the process of repair and create space for new cells to grow. Intermittent Fasting doesn’t prohibit people from eating but encourages them to eat only the food we need, when we need it, so we don’t eat more than our bodies are capable of processing. What is modern fasting? Humankind has a long history of fasting, but the aspects of how and why we do it have drastically changed. Modern Intermittent Fasting consists of periods of fasting that occur regularly between periods of eating. You are still able to eat a healthy amount of food, but you do it in a smaller time frame, which is called your 'eating window.' Today, you have the freedom to choose from many different methods of fasting. Fasts can last from 12 hours to 24 hours. You can choose to fast once a week, once a month, or even once a year. You can do shorter fasts daily, or longer ones (24-36 hours) two or three times per week. There is no single best way for everybody – it is always a personal preference. What’s the difference between fasting and starvation? Well, for starters, people who are starving are not doing it voluntarily. They cannot tell when they will eat next. It can happen during war and famine when food is scarce. However, those who choose to fast are entirely in control of their eating patterns. Fasting is a voluntary abstention from eating for health, weight loss, or other reasons. It can be simple, practical, and very effective. The Basics of Intermittent Fasting. Most of us already “fast” every day while we are sleeping. Intermittent Fasting can be as simple as extending that fast for a few hours longer. However, if you’re thinking about fasting as a long-term lifestyle change, you can choose from several Intermittent Fasting methods that are easy to implement into your daily routine. Here’s one example: Skip your breakfast and have your first meal at noon. Then have your last meal at 8 p.m. That’s it! You’ll have fasted about 16 hours in a day. Generally speaking, women should fast for about 13 to 14 hours a day. Men should fast up to 16 hours a day. One of the most important aspects of Intermittent Fasting is timing. In order to adjust the release of hormones in your body, it’s better to fast around the same time each day. This way, you will be able to ease your body into this new eating pattern and, of course, stick to the plan for the long term.

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🛍️In which category/categories can we find the DoFasting discount codes?

You can find DoFasting discount codes here at Widilo on the DoFasting page. Some DoFasting discount codes can be applied to everything, or some can be applied to specific products only. Widilo will specify each time the amount of discount you can receive as well as which product that it applies to.

❓Can I combine multiple discount codes?

Sometimes it may be possible to combine certain discount codes together, however in most circumstances only one discount code can be applied at any given time. Although there are particular deals or offers, in which some stores may allow you to add a discount code on top of another, in a seasonal sale for example. If this is valid, then this will be outlined to you in the terms and conditions.

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If you’d like to save money on your DoFasting order using a discount code, just follow these simple steps. First, choose from the 5 discount codes available on the DoFasting page. Make sure that your shopping meets the conditions of the discount code available. Once you have selected your desired discount code, copy the code and paste it in the dedicated field on DoFasting. All you have to do is apply the discount code, and the reduction will apply automatically. You can then checkout as normal and wait for your order to be processed.

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The validity period of a discount code varies, as they are subject to change. Discount codes can be valid from 4 weeks or even months. Others, on the contrary, can only be used for a few days. On Widilo, dependant on the code, the expiration date is specified in the terms & conditions when you click to use the discount code for your purchase.

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