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EasyRentCars is dedicated to making car hire online as easy as possible. They are experienced car hire specialists providing online services for car hire at over 200 countries, covering 100,000+ locations worldwide. Save money on your next car hire with widilo - By using the latest discount code or voucher.

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EasyRentCar - A quick and easy car service

EasyRentCars serve road trip travellers from different countries by working with car rental companies all over the world, from household-known names to small local specialists, to bring customers the cars, choices and deals that make a difference to every trip. You can rent and use cars at Popular airports including Las Vegas, Heathrow and Sydney, whilst popular car types include Vans, SUV, standard car, luxury, economy and premium meaning that EasyRentCar have you covered for a wide variety of options. Feeling annoyed to check different car hire companies' over and over again? Especially when you finally could make a decision but could not find the link to the car you want? Just one click at EasyRentCars.com, and you will find all the information you want at one search, including car hire companies' prices, services and locations. Feeling deceived when you pay more than the price of the car because of some credit card fees? Just one click at EasyRentCars.com, and don’t be too surprised to see that you don’t need to pay any credit card fee to them. With the likes of Audi, Fiat, Ford, Jeep, Mercedes Benz and BMW to name but a few car makes, they have a car for every occasion from travelling the long open roads, a holiday car for trips to the beach or luxurious cars for parties and events. Save big with a discount and voucher code from us and you can earn Cashback in the process.


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