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Enjoy the best home compostable coffee pods for your home with premium roasted whole beans. Taste different parchments of coffee from around the world. Order compostable pods, whole beans and opal coffee machines for the best coffee experiences. Take money off your next order with a Halo Coffee promo codes.

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Enjoy the greenest coffee pods available on the market for you to enjoy. Halo Coffee offer capsules for sustainable coffee alternatives with speciality grade coffees. Enjoy tonnes of choice of the World's best coffees in a more sustainable way. Halo Coffee addresses the unsustainable coffee pod usage the world is facing currently. The amount of plastic and aluminium waste produced from ordinary coffee pods is creating an ecological crisis that is affecting the planet. Halo Coffee addresses this important negative environmental effects on the planet by providing compostable and green-friendly coffee pods. Make sure you redeem a Halo Coffee voucher code at the checkout for a limited time only.

Enjoy premium roasted whole beans

Halo Coffee is committed to driving forward the future sustainability of coffee pods by providing delicious, compostable and greener coffee pods. Currently 80% of coffee pods are not recycled or sustainably manufactured. This has a huge negative impact on the environment and thus our daily lives for the future. Halo Coffee have created amazing tastes from around the world to tempt you into the world of Halo Coffee such as Indian parchments, Honduras single origin, Daterra single origin, Three Mountain bespoke blend, Pacamara single origin, Ristretto bespoke blend, Lungo bespoke blend, Halo Noir and many other blends to try! Make sure you enter a Halo Coffee promo code at the checkout to save money off your next order total.

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