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Kapten is an affordable, cheap, car service app that has now merged with Free Now allowing you to get to your destination quickly and safely. If you're looking to drive in style, comfort or need a ride quickly, or simply need to pick up some food at the supermarket, then download the Kapten app and get started today! To save money, simply use a Kapten promo code or Kapten discount code on your next journey. You can even receive Kapten Cashback options where available when you next book your car journey or destination through Widilo.

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Quick, cheap rides at your fingertips! Use Kapten voucher codes

Whether you're a driver or a rider there is a Kapten for everyone. Kapten is an alternative to the many transportation apps such as Uber, that is available today. It's a rail-hailing app with affordable prices. Get safe car rides quickly just with the click of a button via the Kapten mobile app or Free now app. Simply download today for free, use a Kapten voucher code or promo code found here on Widilo to start saving money and then book your next trip. With Kapten, you have a car ride to wherever you need to go right at your fingertips. If you're in London looking to see the like of Tower of London, Big Ben and more then Kapten can get you a cheap ride there for so much less. Just enter your destination and your driver will meet you (on average) in under 5 minutes. Rides start at £5, and rates are fixed. This means you don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic because the price will always remain the same. 96% of Kapten drivers are rated more than 4 stars out of 5, ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable ride and you can enjoy your journey every time you start a new trip with a different driver. Kapten values its customers. Join the Loyalty Programme to get free rides by gaining points every time you choose to ride with Kapten. The higher the level, the more benefits you will unlock. If you need to do some last minute food shopping, or need to pick up a click and collect order on some sporting equipment, Kapten have you covered. Their drivers can pick you up and drop you off to your destination fast and easy. Next time you need to get somewhere quickly and safely, try Kapten by simply downloading the app and requesting a ride for free today. Find your partner if you're on holiday in locations such Paris, Lyon, Nice, Cannes, London, Lisbon, Porto. Or if you're looking to be more environmentally sustainable, or eco friendly, join Kapten's eco initiative by choosing to go electric so you can save both money and the environment in the process.


Pay less for your car trip with a Kapten promo code

Before booking your next ride with Kapten, come to Widilo to find all the most up-to-date Kapten discounts, deals, promos and savings that are perfect for everyone. Find the latest Kapten discount code or Kapten voucher code whilst you find special deals, limited time offers, or simply use a Kapten promo code next time you use the app to find a cheap ride that suits you. To save more money on top of using a Kapten discount code, try activating Cashback. Just don't forget to always come to Widilo first when searching for your next trip or destination.

Kapten's loyalty programme!

Ride. Accumulate points. Get discounts! Your loyalty status upgrades based on the number of rides you have done with Kapten. For every ride you take, you gain 50 loyalty points! How do I get loyalty points? By taking more rides you can upgrade your status and get access to more benefits. How can I spend my points? In light of COVID-19, using your loyalty points won’t be possible during this period. However at Kapten, they believe in having a relationship with their driver partners that goes beyond just driving. To reward and recognise the efforts of their hard working driver partners, they’re introducing a Driver Rewards Programme - Kapten Deals! This programme is designed to benefit every Kapten driver partner. Under this new programme you will be able to unlock 3 Kapten reward tiers based on set weekly targets: Silver, Gold and Platinum. These tiers will give you access to a wide range of discounts and offers including, but not limited to, Halfords discounts, car wash & servicing discounts and priority email support etc. The discounts and deals will vary depending on each tier. Kapten reward both their customers and their drivers.

How to use a Kapten discount code on your order

Saving on your purchase by applying a Kapten discount code to your order is incredibly easy to do. Just take the following simple steps:

  1. Take a peek at Widilo for the latest Kapten discount codes and copy the code if applicable.
  2. Click on the Kapten link to take you through to the Kapten home page.
  3. Choose your selected products and customise to your needs whether it be for business or personal use.
  4. Login or register for an account at Kapten or continue as a guest.
  5. Go to your basket and make sure you apply your chosen Kapten promotional code into the box.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your Kapten order even more knowing you have saved with Widilo.

More about Kapten!

Kapten (formerly Chauffeur Privé) is one of the leading transportation platforms in Europe. Kapten provide the best service at the best price with a local, human-centric and responsible approach. Kapten bring value to all their stakeholders by rewarding their users, looking after their partner drivers and immersing themselves in the communities that welcome them. As a member of FreeNow, the mobility alliance between BMW Group and Daimler AG, Kapten are currently working with more than 40 000 partner drivers to transport 3 million users in 6 European cities. Kapten’s 2020 ambition is to pursue its expansion in Europe and to collaborate with more than 70,000 partner drivers.

Kaptens Manifesto!

Kapten supports the professional development of its partner drivers. Kapten reduces its carbon footprint through environmental initiatives. Kapten is committed to improving the life of the local community and supports projects with positive impact. At kapten, they are convinced that there is room for another way. That a circle can be virtuous, that effectiveness can be human and victory unanimous. That all of this, is possible. At kapten, they are convinced that egoism produces only isolated people, that contempt only inspires an even greater contempt. That on the contrary, mutual aid can rise an army and that respect brings respect. That all of this, is necessary. At kapten, they are convinced that anybody can do it. That for us, a transport platform, it starts by rewarding their users, looking after their drivers, and involving themselves in the cities that welcome them. That all of this, is now. They won’t change people’s whole life, but they might change their daily life. Kapten _ might just be your best decision today.

Do you want save money with Kapten discount codes?

Kapten offers several great deals to customers in order to lighten the load on your pockets and keep you coming back. Fares on this ride-sharing platform are on average about 20 percent cheaper than what is offered elsewhere. Customers can save serious money by consistently making use of Kapten. Further, The brand offers significant discounts on rides. On the day of its launch in London, users who signed up variously earned free rides and massive discounts of up to 50 percent. Every month, Kapten offers discount codes that can help customers save up to 30 percent. Loyal customers are also rewarded by the company. They also offer a loyalty program that rewards customers with free rides and increased referral bonuses, amongst other perks. Kapten also offers compensation for inconveniences experienced by you in the form of credits which are deducted from your next ride. Earn referral bonuses of £10 every time you refer a new customer to Kapten. Whenever a new customer referred by you sign up with your referral code and takes their first ride with Kapten, they'll receive 50% off the first five rides, and Kapten will give you a bonus of £10. As far as student offers are concerned, they can enjoy a discount code that can shave £10 off their first rides with Kapten.

What Are The Products And Services Offered By Kapten?

Kapten's services are centered around delivering exceptional customer services and consummate driver satisfaction. The company offers passengers a fully personalized service guaranteed to provide maximum satisfaction. The brand offers a mobile app across several platforms such as Android and iOS which functions in real time. This ensures that one of Kapten's cars will be with you less than five minutes after you place an order. Waiting time has also been reduced to 3 minutes from 5, which results in less time wasted by drivers. With over 40,000 drivers in several major cities across Europe, you can go anywhere you want to without hassle. Their cars are comfortable and offer a really pleasurable experience. The cars are new models and have also been optimized to reduce noise. Kapten aims to completely eradicate emissions in the nearest future. In order to do this, Kapten is at the forefront of the switch to eco-friendly cars, offering their drivers a bonus of £10 for every day they use a zero-emission vehicle. Further, customers can also get to decide if they want to be picked by eco-friendly vehicles. Kapten offers the best price for rides in the industry. The minimum price for rides on Kapten is £5, a difference of about £2 from the standard price charged by other ride-sharing companies such as Uber. This makes their service one of the most budget friendly you can find anywhere in Europe. In addition, prices are fixed before rides, so you don't have to worry about paying astronomical amounts of money just for sitting in traffic. Despite the fact that they charge significantly less than their rivals, the quality of Kapten's service delivery does not take a hit. Kapten's drivers are professional and courteous, maintaining a first-class attitude throughout the ride. They are also ready and willing to provide directions, assist with queries and leave a good impression. The safety of passengers is of paramount importance to Kapten and their drivers are held to standards that guarantee this fact. Kapten also makes sure to maintain a cordial relationship with host communities and fully immerse itself in them and try to improve their standard of living. To achieve this, the company supports its economy by paying taxes and introducing a host of other value-adding services.

FAQ's on Kapten & Free Now

Why are Kapten and FREE NOW joining forces? More than 60% of Londoners have at least two ride-hailing apps on their phones, so they’ve joined forces to bring both black cab and private hire vehicles (PHV) options together in one app. Together, they’re faster. More cars on both platform means quicker pickups and faster arrivals. They’re better. More car types for every occasion including different sizes from 4-6 seats, accessible options, and London’s largest electric fleet. They’re safer. With high quality, TfL approved drivers, factory-installed screens in black cabs and live in-app tracking. By combining forces they can offer better service to passengers and create more demand for drivers, it’s win-win-win! What is FREE NOW? FREE NOW is one of Europe's leading ride-hailing apps that connects more than 14 million passengers with drivers in more than 100 cities. FREE NOW has previously been London’s leading black cab app. By joining forces with Kapten, FREE NOW is now London’s only ride-hailing app with black cabs and private hire vehicles all together. Can I use my Kapten account to travel with FREE NOW? Yes! Your account will be moved over to FREE NOW, so you don’t need to create a new one. The only thing you have to do is open your Kapten app and start the migration process to get your account ready. It’s a really simple process that takes less than two minutes. After a few quick taps, you will be all set to order a ride in the FREE NOW app. Can I still travel with Kapten? Yes, at the moment you can still travel with Kapten. Until you make the switch from Kapten to FREE NOW you can keep taking trips with the Kapten app. However, once you migrate your account over, you'll need to use the FREE NOW app for any of your future journeys. Don’t worry though you’ll be able to find everything you loved about Kapten available on FREE NOW. Do keep in mind that they are currently migrating all of their passengers and drivers from Kapten to FREE NOW, so at some point in the future it will no longer be possible to use the Kapten app - they will let you know when this happens. Can I still create a new Kapten account? No, this is no longer available, if you wish to create a new account you will have to do so directly in the FREE NOW app. Don’t worry though you’ll be able to find everything you loved about Kapten available on FREE NOW, as well as black cab and electric black cab options. Where can I see my past Kapten trips and invoices? You can still view all of your past trip details in the Kapten app. To access your old Kapten invoices, follow these steps: Open the Kapten app Click on the menu (top right button) Click on “My rides” Select the ride for which you want the invoice Select the option “Send me an email with the complete invoice” You will then receive an email with the description of the ride and the corresponding invoice. What about my loyalty points? Your loyalty points will be transferred over to FREE NOW as soon as their loyalty program is back up and running. They will also make sure to extend the expiration date on any of your points by six months to make sure you have enough time to use them all up! They will let you know as soon as their loyalty program is ready to be relaunched.

Frequently Asked Questions Kapten

🤔Does Kapten offer discount codes?

Yes, there are currently 21 discount codes and deals available. If you are looking for a discount code to save money on your online shopping, you have come to the right place! Simply choose from the list of Kapten discount codes on offer, and select one that suits you. You can save money on your shopping and also get Cashback at select stores. Discover all the current Kapten promotions here on this page.

💡How do I use a Kapten discount code?

If you’d like to save money on your Kapten order using a discount code, just follow these simple steps. First, choose from the 21 discount codes available on the Kapten page. Make sure that your shopping meets the conditions of the discount code available. Once you have selected your desired discount code, copy the code and paste it in the dedicated field on Kapten. All you have to do is apply the discount code, and the reduction will apply automatically. You can then checkout as normal and wait for your order to be processed.

❓Can I combine multiple discount codes?

Sometimes it may be possible to combine certain discount codes together, however in most circumstances only one discount code can be applied at any given time. Although there are particular deals or offers, in which some stores may allow you to add a discount code on top of another, in a seasonal sale for example. If this is valid, then this will be outlined to you in the terms and conditions.

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