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Migrate helps you save money on your electric, gas and energy bills, every single year. Their service is also free! Migrate will switch you from expensive tariffs to cheaper ones and it won’t cost you anything. Widilo provides you with the latest discounts and vouchers, Migrate to us and we can help you save even more money! Simply use a Migrate promo code or voucher along with Cashback options and you can save over £300 by switching providers.

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Migrate want to create a world where no one ever pays more than they need to for their household bills. They aim to help people all over the UK save hundreds of pounds on their electric, gas or energy bills, signing up is easy and can be completed in 3 minutes! Signing up and switching over is also free which is pretty handy. Migrate are an energy and utility service that helps you seek the best deal to save money on your energy bills. This service is also free! Migrate will switch you from expensive tariffs to cheaper ones. On average they will help you save over £300 a year. They switch you based on how much you can save and your preferences. They're different from normal comparison sites. Sign up once and they will automatically switch you to the cheapest energy provider every year, for free. The UK overpays on their energy bills by an eye-watering £1.9billion, every year. It's madness. So in 2016, Migrate built some clever technology to help. By making it incredibly easy to switch suppliers, they're giving people a bit more power back, helping budgets stretch further and taking one more stress off the table. When you join Migrate, they donate at least £10 from their revenue - the money energy providers pay them - to the Migrate Community Fund. This goes towards funding local fuel poverty, community and grassroots projects like Forces for Warmth. Stay tuned with Migrate's community projects on their blog.

Save on your energy bills with a Migrate promo code

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