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Oddbox offer you tasty and fresh alternatives to the supermarket trend of having the 'perfect' vegetable or fruit on their shelf. The less presentable, yet equally as tasty, vegetables and fruits usually get wasted or thrown away. Oddbox are here to change that. Make sure you enter a Oddbox voucher code at the checkout to save money off your next order total.

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Get the most out of UK growers with Oddbox

Each week Oddbox contacts UK growers from around the country to ask what is going spare from their pick pile. Oddbox collect any odds and ends that are just as tasty and fresh as their shop-profiled counterparts, but are neglected by big retail standards. Oddbox understand that fruit and vegetables can go to waste because of these standards in the food industry and want to change that. Oddbox rescue fruit and vegetables going to waste due to them being considered 'too big', ''too odd' or 'too many'. Oddbox also have an air-miles policy and never fly produce anywhere to maintain an environmentally-friendly aspect of their boxes range. Oddbox email you a 'rescue list' of the items they currently have in stock and allow you to personalise or select mixed boxes from their online store. You can then expect them to pack everything up and deliver it overnight to ensure that emission are kept as low as possible during transportation.

Shop for personalised or mixed boxes with Oddbox

The Oddbox grower-led way of processing and recovering fruit and vegetables means that you can't choose exactly what you get each week but you can make your own boxes up in other customisable ways. You can pick a box from small, medium and large, as well as choosing what to leave out. You can also choose when to receive your boxes to, reducing waste! Order before your cut-off time before your next order window and you can pause, switch or alter your subscription choices. You can also edit your preferences under your account to ensure that Oddbox include any preferred fruit and vegetables for your future orders, so you don't have to customise every week or fortnight! Make sure you redeem a Oddbox promo code at the checkout to save money off your next order total. Be sure to check back with Widilo for the biggest deals and offers on Oddbox.

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