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Revolut is the progressive card app that helps users keep control on what they are spending, get the best exchange rates and receive low frees and no interest fees. Get deals and Cashback here for Revolut with Widilo!

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Revolut was established in 2015 in the heart of London, with the aim to provide forward thinkers with an innovative way of handling their finances. On the Revolut app you can transfer money to your friends or family within a few easy clicks. Revolut also have a feature where you can separate money into savings 'vaults' and stop yourself from spending the money you needed to save that month. The Revolut app helps its users budget their finances, by showing them clearly their transactions. The Revolut app also does this in real time so you can see what you have spent your money on immediately. By using Revolut card app you can earn yourself points on your purchases and uses of the card, which you can use for selected perks. For example, once you have earned your points you can get rewards such as 50% off selected restaurants, 45% off selected groceries, 25% off selected shops, 20% off selected transport, 35% off selected transport, 10% off selected health services and finally 5% off selected utilities. The Revolut app also allows the user to use cryptocurrency. At Revolut you can exchange any of the 30 currencies selected directly into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and XRP, within a few easy steps. The app also allows you to get insurance on everything from your phone to medical insurance from as little as £1 a day. Finally, you can use Revolut card app on Apple pay and also to donate to charities. Revolut are constantly looking for new ways to progress and innovate. They aim to never stop moving forwards and are always searching for new ideas and improvements for their card app. Get discounts, deals and voucher codes here for Revolut at Widilo! You can also activate your Cashback options to get money off your purchases at Revolut available here at Widilo!

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