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Skin Compression sportswear has been carefully constructed and designed to boost performance through careful scientific research and years of designing. Skins Compression applies pressure to the skin accelerating the blood flow through the veins and back to the heart. This means you get more oxygen to your working muscles – and subsequently boosting your performance. Improved blood flow also helps your body to remove lactic acid and other metabolic wastes – which helps you to work at a higher rate for a longer duration. Skins Compression has been engineered to help you recover from exercise too so you can get back on the tracks in no time. A range of international elite sport physiologists, squads, teams and individual athletes have been seen to wear Skins Compression too. Explore Skin Compression's range of sportswear for men and women including - compression tights, compression tops, compression shorts, calf tights, thermal wear, recovery tights & tops, activewear, socks, arm sleeves, tri and cycle wear. Skins Compression offers a variety of sportswear for all types of sports and workouts. Unlike other pairs of tights, Skins Compression offers a comfortable pair of tights that actually do you some good and provide a performance benefit unlike others that do not have any scientific knowledge to help customers perform better. The high-tech sportswear is your one-stop shop with durable designs from Skins Compression include compression technology, thermal items and youth designs. Skins Compression sportswear can be worn loud and proud, or under your sports kit - it's your choice! Skins Compression fabric has been independently tested and proven to provide 50+ UV protection in solid non-mesh areas of clothes so you can enjoy outdoor exercise, running or activities without the concern of sun related risks! Choose from a range of collections including season 1, season 3 and Skin Compression's latest range - season 5, made for dynamic movement including lifting, jumping, running, contact sports, HIIT and more.

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With years of scientific research, Skins Compression offers sportswear to encourage blood circulation to boost performance! Skins Compression assists in offering circulatory benefits for more oxygen delivery and better blood flow. Additionally, Skins Compression has been developed to help speed up recovery by forcing more oxygen to your muscles, it can also help to improve circulation during pregnancy and long haul flights. Boost your performance and apply a Skin Compression discount code from Widilo! Get your sportswear for less like no other. From recovery wear to compression tights, Skin Compression is your go-to when it comes to reaching your athletic peak performance.

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