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Explore the future of urban transport with TIER. TIER has always pushed the limits in redesigning our cities to provide more than simply the comfort and comfort of e-mobility. They aspire to be a leader in the development of urban transportation and to develop innovative technologies to help our cities progress. Discover TIER discount codes found at Widilo and save money on your rides.


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TIER Mobility is Europe's foremost shared micro-mobility company, with a purpose to "Change Mobility for the Better." TIER helps communities reduce their reliance on cars by providing a range of shared, light electric vehicles, ranging from e-scooters to e-bikes and e-mopeds. TIER, which was founded in 2018 by Lawrence Leuschner, Matthias Laug, and Julian Blessin, is based in Berlin and presently operates in 95+ locations throughout 12 European and Middle Eastern nations such as Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, France, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, United Mingdom and more. It is in TIER's blood to offer everyone with sustainable, accessible, and cheap mobility. Climate change will not wait for anyone to act; we must all act now. As a result, they have committed to being totally climate-neutral by January 2020, making them the first micro-mobility firm to do so. They go further than decreasing carbon emissions associated with charging to cover emissions from manufacture, operations, and transportation. They  took into consideration all greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. They want to set an example by becoming climate-neutral, therefore they are urging other business and micro-mobility providers to join us. To begin your ride, download the app and register. Then just follow the TIER app's directions and you're good to go! Keep an eye out for traffic and lights, and always wear a helmet. TIER is making room for everyone in the city. Follow the parking restrictions in your area, be kind to others, and don't obstruct anything. With TIER for Business, you may not only improve your employer branding, but also contribute to climate conservation by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

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