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Frequently Asked Questions AO Black Friday

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last Friday of November. This year it falls on the 26th of November 2021. You're bound to find pre Black Friday deals a few days and sometimes even weeks in advance. Meaning you can find absolute bargains before and during the event.

What deals can I expect to see on Black Friday?

Lots! There are so many to choose from, all you have to do is pick the perfect discount code for you. We will be showcasing Black Friday phone deals, Black Friday TV deals, Black Friday laptop deals and many, many more. Just visit Widilo and we will have everything you need to save money on your online shopping for one of the biggest events of the year.

How did Black Friday begin?

Black Friday started in the US. Dubbed by the shopping community as “Black Friday” it was named because it was the make-or-break shopping day of the year for the smaller stores in the US. A few years (and savings) later, it has leapt across the pond to sweep the UK. And now everyone wants to find the best deals both in-store and online - and thats why Widilo are here to help.

🕒How long are discount codes valid?

The validity of each discount code varies, they are subject to change. Discount codes can be valid for a couple days (for example flash sales) or even months (new customer codes). However, there are some that can only be used for a few days, so keep that in mind before you use one and double check. On Widilo, depending on the code, the expiration date is specified in the terms & conditions when you click to use the discount code and add it to your order to reduce the purchase.

When is AO Black Friday?

Black Friday falls on 26th November every year, hosting some of the biggest price cuts on blockbuster brands and products. You can find some of the largest deals and promotions for this day, as brands look to give customers amazing prices for their latest products. This is a great way for customers to enjoy the latest technology and many other categories of products and items for much less than the RRP. Have you been saving and got a budget ready? For one day a year you can expect some huge discounts on the most popular items on the marketplace. This Black Friday aims to be the best one yet, with amazing deals and offers from AO. The AO Black Friday will begin on 26th November, however you can expect to see some mini deals beginning prior to this day. You will potentially see deals anywhere from 2 weeks to a few days before Black Friday with AO, so be sure to check back constantly for the latest deals and offers with Widilo. You can also expect deals to only last a day or a few days so it's crucial you keep an eye out. Be sure to check back with the AO page to see the latest deals and offers this Black Friday 2021. You will see deals stretch across from physical stores to online e-commerce stores, with online exclusive deals and in-store exclusive deals taking place. This gives you plenty of opportunity to shop for the products you want, either online or in-store. For obvious reasons, stock will quickly diminish once the AO Black Friday sales begin, so be sure to research whether it is best to visit your local stores or order online. It is recommended that you create a wish list or add items to your basket prior to the Black Friday sales with AO, in order to complete your checkout as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

Black Friday AO

How long does AO Black Friday last?

Black Friday usually starts on the last Friday of November every year and can extend into the weekend across Saturday and Sunday. You will find exclusive deals for the AO Black Friday event day however, as this is what the entire event is centred around. AO Black Friday can begin a few weeks to a few days before the day, with mini deals and promotions surfacing before the big day. Black Friday AO will most likely be a week long event leading up to the ''Black Friday'' and then extend into the weekend for an entire week of amazing deals and offers from your favourite brands. Be sure to check out the best deals on Black Friday, as they will last anywhere from a few hours to the entire day during the short 24 hour window. You can start shopping from 00:00 on AO Black Friday and see most deals start and end during this time period until 23:59. This time frame is when you will see the biggest, blockbuster products have huge price cuts so don't delay! Make sure you check back with Black Friday AO page to see what the latest deals and offers are for your favourite products. Be sure to use a Black Friday AO discount code from the AO page from Widilo.

What is AO Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday AO begins on the following Monday after AO Black Friday and the Black Friday weekend. Black Friday is the main event for some of the biggest reductions in prices across different industries, markets and brands. It includes sales across every platform and product category to offer enticing deals on the latest products you know and love. Cyber Monday however is different as it only hosts deals that are available and exclusive to online stores and websites. You will not see any Cyber Monday deals in-store due to this event being completely digitalised. You can expect more of a focus on technology and electronics deals, with TVs, headphones, games consoles and appliances being heavily discounted for this event. The Cyber Monday deals will not be as heavily discounted as Black Friday, but the sales will continue for the products you know and love, just in case you missed out on Black Friday! Check out the latest deals and offers from the AO Black Friday page now to see what discount codes you can find to save money with.

AO Black Friday

Are Black Friday AO deals the same as Cyber Monday?

Black Friday will host deals across physical and online stores and retailers, with heavily discounted deals focussed across all industries, product categories and brands. Black Friday AO is a massive event hosted every final Friday in November annually that has blockbuster products and brands offering huge price cuts on the items you know and love. Cyber Monday will have deals that are solely for the online market and will have online exclusives for products from websites and online retailers. Cyber Monday AO will include deals that stretch across their electronics and technology products, with also deals on other products too, and will have similar deals to AO Black Friday but not as heavily discounted. Black Friday will have hugely discounted and popular products on display to purchase, whereby Cyber Monday is another opportunity to purchase these products and more with different deals being offered online exclusively. Be sure to check back with AO Black Friday to see the latest deals and offers on the most coveted products on the market.

How to shop for AO Black Friday online

One of the best ways to prepare for Black Friday is to set-up online accounts with your favourite brands, such as AO, in order to checkout quickly and securely. If you already have an account available and set-up to use with your name, contact details, shipping address and payment details, you will be able to complete your AO Black Friday purchases much faster than everyone else. This will give you an edge both in shopping for your favourite items, as well as making sure you grab some of the limited time stock from the AO Black Friday page. If you create an account with brands such as AO early enough, you may even be entitled to exclusive deals and early access to exclusive promotions for newsletter or email subscribers. Black Friday will undoubtedly be busy with millions of other shoppers wanting to purchase and gift items from the Black Friday sales, so be sure to create an account with AO to maximise your chances of getting the products you want for a much lower price!

AO Black Friday 2021

Does AO have cashback during Black Friday 2021?

Yes, AO will have cashback during the AO Black Friday 2021 savings event so you can use Widilo to complete your purchases online and receive cashback! Check out the current rate of cashback for the AO shop at the top of the page and use one of the links to visit the AO online store. From there you can complete your purchase and activate your cashback through Widilo. You can then withdraw you earnings back to your bank account! Save even more this AO Black Friday on your favourite products with huge price reductions from AO, when you check out the current discount codes and deals with the AO page from Widilo.

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