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Frequently Asked Questions ASOS Black Friday

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last Friday of November. This year it falls on the 26th of November 2021. You're bound to find pre Black Friday deals a few days and sometimes even weeks in advance. Meaning you can find absolute bargains before and during the event.

What deals can I expect to see on Black Friday?

Lots! There are so many to choose from, all you have to do is pick the perfect discount code for you. We will be showcasing Black Friday phone deals, Black Friday TV deals, Black Friday laptop deals and many, many more. Just visit Widilo and we will have everything you need to save money on your online shopping for one of the biggest events of the year.

What’s the history around Black Friday?

In the modern day, Black Friday is associated with crazy sales, big spending and lots of fun. It’s beginnings, however, were not so cheery. The term “Black Friday” first came to be during a financial crisis in the late 1860s. Two well-off Wall Street investors, Jim Fisk and Jay Gould, bought a large amount of US gold hoping to make a profit from the purchase. Unfortunately for them, in 1869, the gold market crashed and Fisk and Gould ended up bankrupt. This day was called Black Friday. Years later, hoping to associate the term with more positive meanings, US businesses began to notice trends in their profits after the Thanksgiving holidays. The day after to celebration, businesses noticed that their profits, - marked in black -, spiked compared to red losses around this period. This spike may have been due to the fact that many businesses used to discount their items after Thanksgiving as the time for buying Thanksgiving gifts ended. US businesses realised what an incredibly opportunity this spoke in profits meant: they could begin to offer even further discounts on post-Thanksgiving gifts to entice people to buy even more. From this, the beginnings of Black Friday as we know it was born. The rest, as they say, is history!

Black Friday ASOS: everything you need to know

First things first... the Black Friday event at ASOS is their BIGGEST sale of the whole year. ASOS go BIG with thousands of discounted items from over 850+ different brands and shops. Sure, ASOS bring you awesome deals, trending drops, seasonal sales and outlet offers all year round, but Black Friday is when the real savings begin. What's included? Over 850+ top brands are included in the ASOS Black Friday event. You can snap up insanely good deals on famous brands such as The North Face, Topshop, Bershka, adidas, and Nobody's Child. The best deals are on ASOS products themselves; enjoy HUGE savings on "homegrown brands" such as ASOS DESIGN, ASOS 4505 and ASOS Luxe. Discover offers on sportswear, womenswear, menswear, teen, lingerie, skincare, cosmetics and haircare. If you want it, ASOS has got it and over the ASOS Black Friday period, they probably have an awesome promotion or voucher code to get you the craziest ASOS deal possible. What about deliveries & returns? All year round ASOS offers FREE returns and this doesn't change over Black Friday. If you buy an item and it doesn't fit or you don't love it on you, you can easily return it by dropping it off at a Hermes drop site, Post Office or Collect Plus point. Obviously there are restrictions on some items, so make sure you check the returns policy before Black Friday to ensure you're up to date & prepped. As for deliveries, Black Friday can often mean ASOS will offer FREE shipping for all orders, or orders over a certain amount! To snap up this deal, you'll have to check out ASOS on Black Friday to see what they're promoting. How to I find out about ASOS discounts & deals before Black Friday? We get that going in blind on Black Friday can be super overwhelming. Not know what ASOS promotions are going ahead can mean you open the website and enter a confusing, fast-paced war zone of people shopping for the same item and trying to snap up the best discounts. The BEST place to avoid the ASOS Black Friday pandemonium is to get yourself prepared and sign up to the ASOS newsletter. Here, ASOS will let you in on all the ASOS Black Friday goss, updating you pre-Blac Friday on the deals available. You might even get EARLY ACCESS! Downloading the ASOS app and allowing notifications will also ensure you're kept in the know on any ASOS Black Friday updates. Getting involved via ASOS emails and the app will also ensure you're updated on Cyber Monday sales & deals, too! It's a no brainer! Anything else? One important aspect to note is for students ONLY. Over the Black Friday period your ASOS Student Discount won't be valid. But don't fret! The incredible sales on offer for ASOS Black Friday are guaranteed to make up for the extra 10-20% Student Discount you won't be able to use. ASOS Student Discount will be valid once more after the ASOS Black Friday event is over.

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How long does the Black Friday last?

Black Friday itself is just one day. That’s when the BEST deals will be live. This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 26th November. However, Black Friday in the 21st Century has become a spectacle event. You can sometimes find some Black Friday deals on top brands as early as October! Usually, shops will begin their pre-Black Friday events in mid-November to start getting their customers hyped for some huge discount codes and special promotions. After Black Friday, many shops will still offer some great deals and offers for a week or so after so if you missed out on any Black Friday promotions, you’ll still be able to snap up some fantastic savings.

The best ASOS deals during Black Friday

ASOS is extremely generous with their deals over the Black Friday period. The ASOS Black Friday sales event is one of the biggest Black Friday fashion events in the UK - they offer top discounts for womenswear, menswear & themswear, too! In the past, the Black Friday promotions from ASOS have been up to 70% off across the WHOLE ASOS site. That's right, at ASOS' Black Friday event you can pay just 30% of the RRP on top items from over 850+ top brands. You can discover some of the most amazing discounts at ASOS Black Friday. And ASOS doesn't stop there... In previous years, ASOS has also offered voucher codes and discount codes of up to 20% EXTRA on top of the up to 70% Black Friday savings. That means that on selected products for ASOS Black Friday could be up to 90% off! How amazing is that?! You'll have to check this page before you head over to ASOS' Black Friday event to get a load down on all of the ASOS Black Friday savings to ensure you get the most money off!

asos black friday deals

Why is there controversy with the Black Friday?

Black Friday is sometimes criticised due to its sheer size. The ultra-high demand for products around the Black Friday period is, to some, an environmental concern. Others are also concerned about workers rights during this huge event. These concerns are obviously valid. The massive influx of sales on Black Friday means more packaging and more deliveries as well as potentially longer hours for some warehouse workers. Brands have aimed to combat these concerns by providing products in recyclable or organic packaging where possible, delivering via bio-fuel or electric vehicles and hiring more staff to deal with the increased demand in stores and in warehouses. ASOS is committed to ensuring their Black Friday event goes smoothly for their staff and for the environment. They're committed generally to creating jobs across the world by connecting with a range of suppliers, helping & supporting local communities across the UK and overseas, and sourcing more sustainable products and materials to create their own products. Over Black Friday these practices come in handy to ensure a limited impact on the environment and easier working environment for their warehouse & online staff and suppliers.

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