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When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last Friday of November. This year it falls on the 26th of November 2021. You're bound to find pre Black Friday deals a few days and sometimes even weeks in advance. Meaning you can find absolute bargains before and during the event.

What deals can I expect to see on Black Friday?

Lots! There are so many to choose from, all you have to do is pick the perfect discount code for you. We will be showcasing Black Friday phone deals, Black Friday TV deals, Black Friday laptop deals and many, many more. Just visit Widilo and we will have everything you need to save money on your online shopping for one of the biggest events of the year.

How did Black Friday begin?

Black Friday started in the US. Dubbed by the shopping community as “Black Friday” it was named because it was the make-or-break shopping day of the year for the smaller stores in the US. A few years (and savings) later, it has leapt across the pond to sweep the UK. And now everyone wants to find the best deals both in-store and online - and thats why Widilo are here to help.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is THE sales event of the year. It’s a yearly global event where thousands of brands offer up incredible sales, deals and promotions across their stores so that their customers can snap up amazing savings. Originally, Black Friday was an American idea - the event was held just after Thanksgiving when businesses noted that people tended to shop more the day after this national holiday. Due to this day being oddly profitable, businesses decided to roll with it and offer special offers on this day. This introduction produced great successes for USA businesses and in time the rest of the world caught on and started offering their own crazy discounts at the end of the month. Thus Black Friday was born. Now the sales event has grown in gargantuan proportions with brands offering HUGE money-off vouchers and massive discounted savings.

Is Boots participating in Black Friday 2021?

Yes! Boots has confirmed this year they are participating in Black Friday 2021, bringing you some of the BEST deals on beauty & health products across this amazing sale celebration. Boots participates in Black Friday every year and always wows with their awesome discounts and special offers. Whether you're looking for money off gorgeous fragrances, a new electric toothbrush, or the latest viral make up trend, you can find deals for all this and more at Boots Black Friday 2021. After last years lockdown, this Black Friday will be the first post-lockdown, in-store celebration so you can expect Boots to have incredible deals in you want to visit your local Boots store. However, online is where the real deals are at - you can expect HUGE promotions with discounts of over 80% on selected products at Boots online. Here at Widilo, we'll make sure we've consolidated all of the top Boots promos and offer so that you won't miss out on any savings when you shop Boots Black Friday 2021 online.

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All the Black Friday offers at Boots:

So, what deals can you expect from Boots for Black Friday 2021? Boots stocks an huge variety of top beauty & health brands, offering products from perfume to foundations to baby formula and shower gel. For Black Friday, Boots always brings their customers to best deals and some really incredible discounts on so many of their wide product catalogue. Here are some of the top selections you should watch out for. Fragrances: Boots stocks a great range of perfumes and aftershaves from many top brands. Every year for Black Friday, Boots highlight their fragrances as some of the best discounts on offer. You can shop top brands such as BOSS, Dior, Fenty, DNKY, Britney Spears, Gucci, Joop!, Paco Rabanne and many more. In previous Black Friday events, Boots have offered free gifts, free testers and big price cuts of over 50% on many well-loved and new-in fragrances. Electronics: sure, Boots is renowned for its makeup, hair and body care products, but they also offer a whole range of health & beauty electronics, too. Black Friday sales LOVE to discount electricals and Boots' Black Friday 2021 is no exception. You can expect price cuts of hundreds of pounds on electric toothbrushes, skin therapy devices, at-home laser hair removers and electric shavers & razors. Last Black Friday we saw Boots offer discounts of up to £350 so the Boots Black Friday 2021 electronics sale is not something you'll want to miss out on! Makeup: of course we can't mention Boots Black Friday 2021 without talking about the HUGE amount of discounted makeup products on offer. For Black Friday, Boots has been known to offer some products with up to 70% off or more. You can snap up the best beauty deals on foundations, mascaras, contour kits, setting sprays and primers from a whole host of fantastic brands at the Boots Black Friday event 2021. You can expect offers of at least 50% if last year is anything to go by. We saw iconic gift sets and gift advent calendars with over £50 off and are expected brilliant reductions like this for Black Friday 2021.

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is an extension of Black Friday. It’s a continuation of incredible deals from some of your favourite brands, but on the Monday after Black Friday. The unique aspect of Cyber Monday is that it is solely online. That means you can’t go in store to snap up any more Black Friday deals - the fight for stock is online ONLY. Cyber Monday is another way to continue to HUGE savings that customers can make over the Black Friday period. Some brands will go even further than Black Friday and offer even crazier money off deals than they did over the Black Friday weekend. So, make sure you check for Cyber Monday deals if you want to get even more money off.

Are Black Friday Boots deals the same as Cyber Monday?

The deals you'll find at Boots on Cyber Monday will be different... but still incredible! Cyber Monday is the last chance to buy sale day for many brands. The Black Friday weekend will be over, so Boots will offer a range of great deals to sell out of all the last remaining stock. For any of us that may have missed out on the insanely good Boots Black Friday deals, there's no need to panic! Boots Cyber Monday deals will be allow you to save a ton more cash than usual on some top brands and amazing health & beauty products. Some Boots Cyber Monday deals will be slightly less than the crazy deals you'll see on Black Friday, however some deals will be even better! You just have to find the right product, brand and promotion that will get you the most money off! Remember, Cyber Monday is ONLINE ONLY so you won't need to leave the house to snap up a brilliant Boots discount. Here at Widilo we will update you with all the Boot Cyber Monday deals on offer so that you won't miss out on those final sales & savings!

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