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The Widilo bonus

The Widilo bonus

How do I get my welcome bonus?

Subscribed to Widilo but haven’t received your welcome bonus? To receive your welcome bonus, you must first validate your email address. To do this, an email will be sent to you. All you have to do is click on the link to verify your email address. Once your email address is verified, you will receive your welcome bonus in the form of points. Go to the Widilo Shop to transform your points into money. You will then find your welcome bonus in your personal dashboard. Warning! This bonus is not an applicable bonus for any of our retail partners. It’s simply a monetary value that will increase once you start receiving Cashback. You may demand a withdrawal and payment once this sum reaches over £15. You receive an error message when you're trying to activate your account ? No worries, if it is the casback, think to verify that your account is not already confirmed. To do that, go on Widilo Shop to see if 50 points have been credited in your balance. If it is the case, that means your account is already active. You just have to claim your signup bonus.

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With the Widilo extension, earn cashback in one click

The Widilo extension automatically notifies you as soon as a cashback is available and applies the best discount code to your basket!

*Your Widilo account will be credited with £1 after a first purchase from the extension

+ £1