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Terms and Conditions for the use of Widilo 

Last updated: 28.08.2019

This agreement is a legal document detailing your rights and the rights of Widilo (hereinafter referred to as “Widilo”, “we”, and “us”). You must read these terms and conditions to make sure they contain all that you want and nothing you are not happy with.


The website accessible at the address: (hereinafter referred to as “ Widilo Website”) is controlled by the company Widilo Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Widilo”), a limited company, registered at 71 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4BE. Company registration number: 12055291

Through the Widilo Website, Widilo provides access to Cashback deals, vouchers, and promotional codes (hereinafter referred to as “Widilo Services”)

Widilo Services provided by the Widilo Website allow users (hereinafter referred to as “Widilo Members) to receive retrocessions, reductions, offers, and/or an advantage when shopping online with Widilo’s commercial partners (hereinafter referred to as “Retail Partners”) 

Widilo Services are free and accessible on the Widilo Website and any other website, software, or application belonging to Widilo.

Using the Widilo Website and Widilo Services require you to accept without reservation these presented Terms and Conditions. 

Access to the Widilo Website and/or Widilo Services may be refused to any Widilo Members that do not respect these Terms and Conditions. We invite you to closely read these Terms and Conditions, as refusal to use Widilo Services may occur immediately and without prior notice. 

If you do not accept a part of the Terms and Conditions, you must immediately leave the Widilo Website and stop using Widilo Services.

Widilo reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions on an ad hoc basis and will publish the new version on the Widilo Website. We invite you to remember to regularly read the Terms and Conditions. Any changes will come into effect once published on the Widilo Website.

The previous versions of these Terms and Conditions may be presented to you upon request. You may make this request by filling out this form

Widilo Services provided by the Widilo Website allow users (hereinafter referred to as “Widilo Members) to receive retrocessions, reductions, offers, and/or an advantage when shopping online with Widilo’s commercial partners (hereinafter referred to as “Retail Partners”). 

1) Definitions

Those definitions apply to all of the following Terms.

  • Widilo Ltd: A Private Limited Company with Share Capital. Registered in England and Wales, No. 12055291 | Registered Address: 71 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4BE.
  • Welcome Bonus: bonus offered to new members via Widilo consisting of a one-time addition of 50 points to Widilo Member Account Balance. This bonus will only be granted to new members that have confirmed the registration of his or her account; 
  • Cashback: means a service provided by the Widilo Website allowing Widilo Members to activate Cashback in order to be able to obtain a Retrocession. To activate Cashback, Members must be registered and logged in to the Widilo Website before clicking on the “Activate Cashback” button. You will then be redirected to the Merchant Partner’s site where you can place an order. Your order will then be automatically detected by the Widilo Service and registered on your Widilo Member Account. Once your order has been validated by the Merchant Partner, the resulting Retrocession will be added to your Widilo Member Account Balance;
  • Terms and Conditions: Terms and Conditions of use; 
  • Widilo Member Account: means a personal space specific to each Widilo Member which can be accessed with an Email and Password; 
  • Cookies: mean files deposited by your browser onto your hard drive that keep information for future connection. To obtain a Retrocession, the Widilo Member must ensure that the Cookies are active and not blocked on the browser with which he or she places his or her order at the Merchant Partner;
  • Retail Partner: means a third party company listed on the Widilo Website;
  • Widilo Member: means an individual using the Services provided by Widilo and acting for the purposes which are wholly or mainly outside his or her trade, business, craft or profession;
  • Retrocession: means the amount repaid to the Widilo Member corresponding to a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount of the order excluding taxes and delivery charges;
  • Widilo Customer Service
  • Widilo Services: means any service provided to a Widilo Member by Widilo via the Widilo Site.
  • Widilo Member Account Balance: means earnings accumulated in the Widilo Member’s Account. Earnings may be withdrawn via bank transfer once the threshold of £15.00 has been reached; 
  • Widilo Website:;
  • Widilo: registered trademark by the company Widilo, which manages the activity of the Widilo Website as well as Widilo Services;
  • Reviews: comments left by Widilo Members online on the Widilo Website informing others about their experiences with our Retail Partners;
  • Referral: Members may refer a friend once they have subscribed to Widilo and completed at least one confirmed cashback.

2) Access to Widilo Services 

2.1 Widilo Member Account

Registering as a Widilo Member is free and open to everyone over the age of 18, and is limited to one Widilo Member Account per person.

When you register with the Widilo Website and create a Widilo Member Account, you become a Widilo Member and may begin to benefit from using Widilo Services. 

When you register, you agree to provide correct and complete information. If this information changes, you agree to change it accordingly in your Widilo Member Account space. 

You may also edit your information at any time on your profile page (

Your registration will automatically trigger your Widilo Member Account and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

To open your Widilo Member Account, you must provide the following obligatory information:

  1. First name 
  2. Surname
  3. Email address (not false or temporary)
  4. Password 

Later on, you may also add your telephone number, gender, and birthday within your Profile page. 

2.2 Password Confidentiality

Your Widilo Member Account, password, and all other information regarding access to your Widilo Member Account are strictly confidential and is not communicated to third parties. 

You are entirely responsible to maintain your password confidentiality. Widilo can not be held responsible for any use of your Widilo Member Account by third parties in case of negligence or imprudence on your part when it comes to keeping your login details (email and password) confidential.

You agree to not use account, username or password of any third party at any time, to disclose your password at anytime, nor to divulge your Widilo Account. 

You must immediately contact Customer Service if you believe that your password or account is being used by a third party. 

2.3 Deletion of Widilo Member Account

2.3.1 At Widilo Member’s Discretion

You may close down your Widilo Member Account by filling out this form

If your Widilo Member Account Balance is over fifteen (15) pounds, you may request its payment as described in article 3.4 of these Terms and Conditions. 

If your Widilo Member Account Balance is under fifteen (15) pounds, this balance will be lost from the moment you delete your account. 

2.3.2 Due to inactivity of Widilo Member 

If your account goes twelve (12) months without any activity on your part, we will send you an email to the email address specified upon registration.

This email will inform you that unless you access your account in the next thirty (30) days, your Widilo Member Account will be deleted and your balance will be lost. 

If you connect to your Widilo Member Account in the next thirty (30) days, neither your account nor your balance will be deleted. 

2.3.3 Due to violation of Terms and Conditions 

We reserve the right to delete your account at our discretion and without prior notice if these Terms and Conditions have been violated on your part and may cause harm to other Widilo Members or to Widilo. We have listed a (non-exhaustive) list of the different circumstances under which we may delete your Widilo Member Account without prior notice: 

  • proven violation of these Terms and Conditions 
  • fraudulent usage of Widilo Services and Widilo Member Account 
  • attempt to receive a retrocession from an illegitimate order from one of our Retail Partners (not paid, returned, not respecting partnership conditions between Widilo and Retail Partners)
  • prohibited usage of Widilo Website

Retrocessions required from fraudulent manners will be cancelled. 

Widilo Members violating these Terms and Conditions may not continue to use Widilo Services. 

3) Widilo Services 

3.1 Our role

Retail Partners send Widilo a commission each time a Widilo Member completes an order on the Retail Partner’s website.

Widilo splits this commission with the Widilo Member by adding the sale’s retrocession to the Widilo Member Account. 

3.2 Widilo Service Operations

3.2.1 Retail Partners 

The Retail Partners are companies with which Widilo has a direct or indirect commercial partnership. 

A list of Retail Partners are available on the Widilo Website: ( Only this list is authentic. 

The Widilo Website dedicates a specific page for each Retail Partner to display all the Cashback offers (Percentages and/or Fixed Amounts) as well as promo codes, vouchers, and their terms and conditions.  

3.2.2 Retrocession

Retrocessions posted on the Widilo Website are in Percentages and/or Fixed Amounts (in pounds). When a Retrocession is displayed as a percentage, the calculation of the Retrocession is made on the total amount of the order placed by the Widilo Member, excluding taxes, excluding delivery charges, on the Merchant Partner’s website.


Retrocessions indicated on the Widilo Website are purely indicative, without commitment on the part of Widilo.


Widilo makes every effort to display updated Retrocession Percentages and Fixed Amounts, but can not guarantee them.


The posted amount of a Retrocession changes over time and the Fixed Amount of the Percentage retained will be the one applicable at the time of the order finalisation by the Widilo Member on the Merchant Partner’s website.


Any Retrocession must be validated by the Merchant Partner and paid in advance to Widilo. Widilo will not pay any Retrocession without first receiving the corresponding payment from the Partner Merchant (or its technical service provider).


3.2.3 Obtaining a Retrocession 

Before each of your online purchases with one of our Retail Partners:

  1. the Widilo Member must connect to the Widilo Site to access the Widilo Service;
  2. the Widilo Member must go to the Merchant Partner’s page and click on the "Activate Cashback" button;
  3. the Widilo Member must ensure that Cookies are not blocked and that he is navigating on the correct browser
  4. thanks to cookies, Merchant Partner (or its technical service provider) can link this order to Widilo Services;
  5. Widilo can then link this sale to the Widilo Member that placed the order.


Each time you wish to obtain a Retrocession from order placed with one of our Merchant Partners, you must repeat the operation described above.


Retrocession is taken into account once the Widilo Member’s order has been finalised by the Merchant Partner. It will then appear in the Widilo Member’s Account with the status "pending".


The Retrocession status will remain “pending” until the Merchant Partner has confirmed the Widilo Member’s order. The “pending” status is provisional but mandatory. It allows the Merchant Partner time to verify the conditions and validity of the order (delivery, returns, no exercise of right of withdrawal) 


Once the Retail Partner has confirmed the order, the retrocession will have the status “Confirmed” and will be added to the Widilo Member Account Balance. 

The status change of  "pending" to "validated" can take place up to 12 months after the purchase date.


If the order does not fulfil the conditions (cancellation by the Widilo Member or the Partner Merchant) it will have the status "declined".


If you feel that one of your Retrocessions should not have the status "declined", please contact Customer Service.


3.2.4 Conditions for receiving Retrocession


To receive a retrocession, the Widilo Member must ensure that Cookies may be saved on his or her browser with which he or she has placed the order with the Retail Partner. Cookies must be active. 


The Widilo Member must also ensure that blocking software is not activated whilst placing the order (ad-block, anti-tracking software, anti-virus etc.)


To facilitate receiving a retrocession, please see the following conditions: 

  • you must navigate to the Retail Partners website through the Widilo Website, and must be logged in to your Widilo Member Account and click the button “Activate Cashback”;
  • you must not navigate simultaneously on other websites on the same browser whilst placing your order;
  • you must not use a promo code provided by any other website other than the Widilo Website when placing your order with the Retail Partner;