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Checkout some huge World Cup deals that are on offer with GoPuff, Uber Eats as well as Donald Russell!

The world cup is just around the corner and Widilo shoppers like yourself will be able to redeem some really huge discounts with a selection of great food delivery services such as GoPuff, Uber Eats and even Donald Russell! So if you want to enjoy the matches from the comfort of your sofa then make use of these fabulous offers that are available! Whether you want your alcohol delivered to your doorstep in time for the match, want to have some snacks delivered quickly for you and your mates or even want to cook up a big meal before the game starts? Well, make sure you enjoy these activities with Widilo's discounts that are currently available!

Get your snacks to your doorstep whilst the game is playing with GoPuff!

The World Cup in Qatar is just round the corner so why not make it more of an occasion and get your friends/ family over for a bit of fun? Well, you can do this a lot easier with GoPuff's easy to use app! By simply downloading the GoPuff app and creating an account you can get your wine/ alcoholic beverages almost instantly! How helpful! So prepare for the fabulous sporting event by having the app available to hand when the event starts!

  • Wine now on offer for just £6
  • Merlot for as little as £6.50
  • Rose for just £6.50
  • San Miguel 4x for only £5.85

Get your take away in no time with Uber Eats!

Uber Eats is a leading food delivery company that can deliver hundreds of different restaurants and brands straight to your home or workplace! We all know that around winter time we don't want to venture to the shops in the wet, windy weather! So, why not make use of the easy to use Uber Eats app! Offering some great restaurants such as, KFC, Subway and even Honest burger! You can grab a huge selection of offers right now! Some deals that are on offer right now when you shop with Uber Eats includes:

  • 50% off Pizza Express starters
  • Buy 1 get 1 free with certain restaurants
  • Free item even if you spend just £15
  • Spend £20 and save £10 at particular restaurants

Get your food ready in advance with Donald Russell's food packages!

So, The World Cup is coming up so why not get the whole family over and make it more a gathering with Donald Russell's wonderful collection of food packages and prepared meals right now! Donald Russell sells a selection of different, fresh, prepared meals that can be delivered straight to you a few days in advance. This is a really helpful way to get around watching the football as well as being the host! Checkout a few wonderful deals that are on offer with the store right now:

  • Pork belly strips for only £3.50
  • Steak and Kidney pie for only £4.50
  • Vegetable Lasagne 2 packs for only £8
  • 6 fish cakes for just £10