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Widilove, how does it work?

Widilove, how does it work?

Discover Widilove, our new feature to collect cashback without making a purchase.

  1. Choose a merchant
  2. Create your cashback link
  3. Share it with those around you
  4. Get 100% cashback from orders placed through your link

Example: Groupon has 20% cashback, you decide to create a link and share it with a friend who plans to place an order. Your friend clicks on the link that you have sent them, and spends £100 at Groupon. A Groupon cashback transaction of £20 is added to your Widilove history: You have thus recovered 100% cashback in your account, pretty cool right?

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With the Widilo extension, earn cashback in one click

The Widilo extension automatically notifies you as soon as a cashback is available and applies the best discount code to your basket!

*Your Widilo account will be credited with £1 after a first purchase from the extension

+ £1