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How do I activate my email address?

How do I activate my email address?

You can't activate your email address and receive an error message asking you to contact customer service? This problem can occur when the link in the bonus activation email has expired. Indeed, after a certain period of time, if this link has not been used, it will simply expire. You can then send yourself a new activation e-mail from your profile. ⚠️ Please note: you must use the last link sent and not the previous ones. In some mailboxes, such as Gmail, emails are grouped together, which can be misleading. Pay attention to the time of reception of your e-mail and click on the last one received.


Error message?

Your link tells you that an error has occurred and that you need to contact customer service? We advise you to log out, then log in again and click on the link in the e-mail confirming your e-mail address.

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