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My earnings and payment

My earnings and payment

When and how can I request to withdraw the money in my prize pool?

As soon as the value of your prize pool is over £15 of confirmed cashback, you may ask to withdraw this by bank transfer or via a Paypal account. You can request to withdraw your cashback via BACS straight to your bank account or via PayPal. After you are signed into your Widilo account, navigate to the payment section found in your personal dashboard. If your prize pool is above the required minimum, you can click on “Request Withdrawal” and follow the instructions. If you wish to do so, you must provide your postal address, telephone number as well as your IBAN or your Paypal email address. Once your withdrawal request has been made, you will receive an email to confirm the action and receive your cashback. As soon as your Widilo account reaches £15 of validated earnings, you can request a payment by bank transfer or via a Paypal account. After logging in to your Widilo account, go to the Payments section in your Personal Profile. If your account has reached the minimum amount, you can click on "Request" and follow the instructions. You must then enter your postal address, your phone number and your IBAN or Paypal email address. Once you have completed the withdrawal request, you will receive an email to confirm the action and receive your earnings. Please note that you can only request a payout via Paypal after you have made a first payment to your bank account.

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